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Omolola Adegoke Returns with New Single “Iyanu Ni”

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Omolola Adegoke returns with a new single Iyanu Ni. The inspiration behind the song meaning, “It’s a miracle” exert the miraculous power of God around me and in my life. A lot of wrong expectations has turned out to be positive.

Omolola Adegoke revealing God’s miracle work in her life shares:

Before I got married, we realized that our genotype was “AS.” So medically, to avoid having kids with “SS” genotype, it was advised we quit and go our separate ways. Both of us agreed, prayed, and with faith got married.

Today we have kids, male(s) and female and none with the genotype SS.

A lot of events in our life has proved the miracle of God and has made what could have been a regret turned into a miracle and testimony by the miracle-working.

The song Iyanu Ni is a testimony’. I know you have evidence as well, and someone is expecting and will receive his / her proof in Jesus name, amen.

God bless you as you listen. Please share with your loved ones.






Iyanu ni Olorun Iyanu ni( 2x)
Oba to ji oku ojo kerin dide
Oba to fagan lomo to pe ran nise
Oba to serere ninu aye temi tire
Iyanu ni Olorun iyanu ni
Chorus 2x
Koma s’ohun t’ olorun kolese
Ola’na nibi ti ko tigbe sona mo
Kepe Jesu ohun nikan lole se o
Iyanu ni, Olorun Iyanu ni
Awamaridi ni sere o Baba
Iyanu loruko re se e
Wase Iyanu ninu aye mi
Karaye kole bami gbe Olorun ga se
Ko doju tota lori oro mi
Karaye lemo pe Olorun toda ni o
Wase iyanu ninu aye mi
Iyanu ni Olorun Iyanu ni
Chorus 2x
Ona omi ba wonu agbon Iyanu ni
Oku ojo kerin dalaye Iyanu ni
Kepe Jesu ohun nikan lolose o
Iyanu ni Olorun Iyanu ni
Kilo ro pe Jesu kolese fun o
Sati kepe aba o se
Oda Hannah lohun lojo wonni oo
Sati kepe eleti lu lara bi ajere ni
Olorun nikan lose sa to o
Koma sorisa tole ba o se
Aduro ti ni lojo isoro ni
Iyanu ni Olorun Iyanu ni
Chorus 2x
Bridge:  Lana komi o,lana, Onise iyanu lana funmi o (2x)
Call: O lana sibi tona kosi o
Response: Lana o Onise iyanu lana funmi o Lana (2x)
Call:  O pese feye oju orun o
Response: Pese o Onise iyanu pese fun mi o pese o
Call :O pese fera ile baba o
Response: Pese nigbogbo ojo aye mi o Pese.
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