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Danielle Spencer, the Former Child Star of “What’s Happening!!,” Has Emergency Brain Surgery

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Dr. Danielle Spencer, better known as ‘Dee’ the former child star of 70s ABC sitcom classic “What’s Happening!!” has announced emergency Brain Surgery on bleeding hematoma.

Danielle Spencer played the character “Dee” who was the personification of the typical annoying bratty little sister centered around teenagers and their antics while growing up in the inner city of Los Angeles, California.

The role of “Dee Thomas,” became an American household name and her character was most notably known for her wise cracking banter.

Exactly 41 years to the date of her major car accident resulting in the untimely death of her father Actor Tim Pelt, Dr. Danielle experienced a massive headache.

Due to the bleeding of the brain and enormous headaches it left her unresponsive and caused her to almost succumbed to her illness. After going back and forth to the doctor for medicine, the headache persisted until on the third day she became unconscious.

With quick action from expert doctors, they did emergency brain surgery on the bleeding hematoma she received from that car accident so long ago.

The surgery was a success and she must now heal and recover. As of today it is not known how long she will be in recovery because of her earlier bout with cancer and spinal injury.

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Friends of Danielle Spencer have started a Go Funding Page as they are all claiming a successful prognosis she will continue to have a long recovery and stint in rehab again and funds raised will help with treatment, medication and sustaining.

Danielle was critically injured in a near fatal car crash which left her in a coma for three weeks, along with broken bones in her leg, arm and pelvis. Those same injuries, although years later, ultimately impaired her ability to walk confining her to a wheelchair until she underwent intensive physical therapy at The Kessler Physical Rehabilitation Center in West Orange, New Jersey.

While there she learned to walk again which she presently does. On the heels of a successful book tour, practicing, veterinary medicine, planning to open a mentoring organization for youth teens who aspired to be veterinarian’s her life again turned to misfortune in 2014 when she was diagnosed with Breast Cancer and had to undergo treatment and a double Mastectomy.

Dr. Danielle Spencer’s Go Fund Me Page:


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