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“Politics and Christianity” – The Truth Untold

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Politics and Christianity

Politics and Christianity have been a topic that has been debated for some time and we feel we should take out time to shed more light on this topic.

Sequel to the re-branding that our website is currently undergoing; a questionnaire went out not long ago for people to give their suggestions about confusing issues in Christianity that you would want to be addressed if an article were to be written.

Based on the feedback we received, we have decided to pick the most suggested subject-matter Politics and Christianity as the topic for our maiden article in the course of this re-branding.

Bear in mind, that our main interest and reason for this article is to help shed light on seemingly confusing issues in the Christian community – in line with the vision of 360gospelvibes.

And next time if you see the questionnaire helps us to do a more accurate survey by giving us your opinions.

Let’s get to work:

We would be discussing on the topic: “POLITICS AND CHRISTIANITY”


Generally, we are not unfamiliar with the mantra: “Politics is a dirty game”. Not only has politics been denounced by many people in the Christian community, but it has spread far beyond the shores of the Church into the depths of our society – including non-Christians and moralists.

Well, this brief talk will demystify many longstanding postulation and truth will be brought to bear.

Note: No one has ever, nor will ever be a full custodian of all the truths in the Bible, so peradventure you disagree with the “truths” in this article, this brisk note-section is a sign of tolerance margin for your opinions. But this article to its best chances, have been predicated upon the principles of the Bible._

What is Politics?

In a layman’s language, politics is the art of managing a community’s resources and values by some appointed people for the collective benefit of the community at large.

When did politics start?

In Eden – since God created Adam, he has instituted politics by giving Adam the mandate to rule. (Read Gen. 1:28.)
And all through the Bible, we see one political system succeed the other, and on and on it goes until this day.

Politics is an affair of the state, that can never be neglected because it was God that instituted it, and whatever God does abides forever. So politics will continually remain as long as the earth remained.

Now it’s been said, that politics is a dirty game, undeniably one will agree so. But the question we should ask ourselves is, what is making it dirty? – Certainly, politics (in a more simple way of putting it – that is, societal administration) in itself is not designed to be dirty, the structure laid down by God, can never be dirty, and quite obviously if you check the structural intricacies of politics – politics in itself is not dirty rather it was when ungodly men ransacked it that their “dirty” lives crept into the system.

Alas, you can not give what you don’t have, you can only give what you have – so, these people are not deliberately as it were, trying to corrupt the system, the corruption we see is only an outflow of their persona.

Politics is not dirty, it’s the people we allow to be our leaders (by our own votes or by not going to vote at all) that is causing all these messes we are complaining of now.

Moreover, many of these ideologies people carry about (pastors inclusive) are not founded on the scriptures – you will never find a clear Bible text where it was said that politics is ungodly.

Instead, many of these ideologies are chiefly propagated by those who say “our kingdom is not of this world”, quoting Jesus – they have forgotten that no single verse of the scripture is capable of being used as a personal and universal interpretation of any subject-matter…

Moreover, they didn’t have the exegetical knowledge of what Christ was passing across that time and the circumstances that warranted the truthful declaration he made before Pilate… (so that is why it’s tagged “ideologies”, because it’s just a school of thought and not the counsel of God in the Bible).\


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But, to balance this, it should be strongly noted that many mature Christians who speak against political involvement by Christians were only speaking based on the knowledge of the political terrain in Nigeria – truthfully it is hard to keep up godliness in Nigeria’s politics…

Think of the influence politicians are wielding through diabolical means – it’s at an unprecedented rate and their employment of talismans and other crooked dimensions to meet their aims is so outrageous that it reaches up to the heavens.

So, once again, if that’s the point of view our elders are coming from, then we shall hold it to be true; nevertheless, that the terrain is unfriendly does not mean it is not possible to be a godly politician – if the Bible supports it, then that means it’s very possible with God.

That is the part that many of our elders (seemingly) have kept from the people – hence, while they have told us some truths, they did not tell us the truth.


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If God is laying it in your heart to go into politics, please do well to heed the call of God, you may consult your spiritual leaders for further prayers and pieces of advice – but please be sure you’re led by God.

And how do you know that: the most basic of all means is by observing the passion that your mind retains predominantly – many things may come to your mind as ideas, but that which your mind retains majority of the time, the most retained one, check; that maybe the Spirit of God speaking quietly to your human spirit, so when you have this heavy impression on your heart and you’re confused whether it’s from God or devil, the best thing to do is to consult a mature Christian – maybe your Church pastor.

Now, let’s see further Biblical proves and contemporary examples of people who were politicians and yet godly enough to receive a divine commendation.

1. Joseph was the deputy-ruler of Egypt in his days.

2. David, you all know he was a great “Mr. President” of his country in his days.

3. Daniel also was a politician in the Babylonian empire.

4. There was a man called Obadiah in the Bible (Read 1 King 18:1-4) to see his story.

He served in one of the vilest and corrupt political administrations in the entire history of Israel as a nation. Yet, he still managed to be godly.

Brothers and sisters, nothing is impossible with God.

As Christians no terrain cannot be influenced, no matter how evil, instead of as Christians, we are the ones that supposed to bring the dimension of God into that terrain.

Don’t know maybe you have heard of Mike Huckabee, a two-term former governor of Arkansas in the USA, he had pastored churches before being called into politics, if you watch the presidential debate of the USA in 2016, he was part of the presidential aspirants in the election primaries, he is one of the greatest Christian examples you can see on the political platform.

Time magazine and other institutions named him as one of the best governors of the year in all the over 50 states in the USA.

Do you know what it takes to be the best governor in a country like America? – Then he must have really tried, really tried.

Thank God for Mike Huckabee – we want men like him in Nigerian politics and you can be that person – but please be sure God’s the one leading you.

When its God that sends you an errand, he will back you up with all the victuals you need for the journey.

Another great example is Pat Robertson; Businessman, media mogul, politician, the prophet… He’s a colossus! – He still delivers yearly prophecies to this day, and he rarely misses.

These are enough proofs that, after all, politics is not a forbidden terrain for a person called by God into it.

The reason unruly rulers are ruling us in this nation is that the subjects of the kingdom are folding their hands!


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So back to the original treatise: Is politics meant for a genuine Christian? – Yes! Yes!! Yes!!!

You see, this kind of issues that seems a big matter, you won’t find them grappling too much with it in the American Church, because American Church has been there, established for several hundreds of years, before the Nigerian Church is being established, so many of those things are no longer news to them, they are hardly deceived by things not holistically predicated upon the scriptures nevertheless the Nigerian Church is also now in the process of doctrinal evolution, very soon all these issues would be taught more and there will be lesser confusions.

You can also help yourself by the ardent study of your own Bible – the only solution to deception is Knowledge (of God’s Word).

May God help us to know more of God’s truth in Jesus’ Name.

You can do well to share this content “POLITICS AND CHRISTIANITY” on your platforms to clear away the popular norm of “POLITICS IS A DIRTY GAME”. Comments, Opinions and Feedback are welcomed


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