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News: 72 Shocking 2017 Prophecies By Pastor Joshua Iginla

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72 prophetic insight for 2017 by Pastor Joshua Iginla of the Set Man of Champions Royal Assembly, for individuals and nations.

1 In 2017, I see more pressure on his excellency, Mr president to
sack the incubent CBN Governor. It will take divine Grace for him to
remain in that office.

2. Senator Saraki. The Senate president should not think that the
trials are over. I see more storm and trials that will take a new turn
from his enemies and political distractor. They will scheme for his
removal. He should be very careful because I see much betrayal of
promise. They might backstab him. I see promises made in the secret to
him that will not be kept. He should pray that the people in his camp
should not see the storm overwhelming him, thus leaving him in the

3 The hardsip and poverty in Nigeria will increase. Mr president will
do all he can in his power to reshuffle some of his cabinet in order to
rescue issues but because his administration has more enemies than
friends, they will frustrate all his efforts. However, I see a light at
the end of the tunnel but it will not free us from this hardship. Rather
, it will increase, it will be strong but I have good news for you,
those who know their God will be exempted.

4 I see a part in this country that the military will move swiftly to
rescue because of the crisis that will come out of there. it will be
like a tail of crocodile slapping the water. It is between 2018 – 2019
that this crisis will blow but in 2017, we will see a symptom of it
splashing the water. Sensitive crisis from one part of the nation that
needs the current administration to be sensitive and pray about it.

5 I see the issue of flood resuming. I see heavy down pour. I see
some of the corruption that has been there over 2 years ago to curb such
flood will be exposed because this will affect a lot of buildings.

6 Rivers, Akwa-Ibom, Benue, Kaduna, Adamawa and Plateau should pray
against serious attack like herdsmen, terrorism, radical extremist and
religious attacks which will increase but God will give us Victory.

7. The dollar exchange rate will rise up above 600. It will go up.

8 – His Excellency, Mr President should pray for his health, I see
him traveling out for an unscheduled health checkup. But this time, it
will be more serious. He should pray for his health, God will keep him.

9 There will be serious attempt to frustrate the Vice President .
This attempt will be so strong. There are some cabals that will want him
out of the seat. This attempt would not just be by political measures
but an attempt through striking of his life as well. He should pray and
be careful but the Lord will keep him.

10 The Churches in Nigeria will go through serious persecution. Some
major ministries will receive serious court judgement that will be
unfavourable but God will keep such ministries. There will be strong
persecution. Lets Pray to God to keep the church in Nigeria. God spoke
to me and said this is the time Nigeria should be ever united as it has
been in the history of the country because what is ahead of us, one
cannot fight. It will take measures of too many people connecting with
heart and mind to fight.

11 The current government will prevail so much over the issue of Boko
Haram but it will not die. Rather, it will take a new dimension. It
will worsen but at the tail end between 2017 – 2018, most especially
2018, that’s when we will get the victory better on the issue of Boko

12 I see another monster that will be created before the end of this
regime meant to distract the incumbent President and his crew. Just as
Boko haram was a distraction to the previous Government. I see another
distraction that is coming. It will be stronger than what we heard
about. That’s why we should continue to pray not to continue going from
one circle of battle to the other.

13 The agitation of Biafra will take another turn. Pray so that this
time it should not be bloody. We should pray for Kanu Nnamdi, the biafra
leader, because I see an health challenge and I see bitterness and
agitation from thissame region he is coming from. And I pray the current
admistration is very sensitive over the case of Nnamdi Kanu because
what I see is not too good. May the Lord keep Nigeria. Will he come out?
Yes! How will he come out? I can’t really tell. I see it as something
divine. I don’t see legal issue as a means of removing him from there.

14 I keep repeating this prophecy for the past three years and I’m
still repeating it. There is a great man of God whose candle light has
finished. There’s nothing we can do about it. This is an home calling to
glory and I keep saying this. God said I should re-echo it. This is an
important but sensitive minister in the body of Christ. His candle light
has gone down but is living by Extra grace. I still see this same
prophecy in 2017. I pray God will show mercy and grace on him.

15 We should pray against another terrorist attack in Abuja. God will avert it!

16 A former president and great man should pray to cross this year 2017 to the next year.

17 The clamour for his Excellency, Mr president, to come back in 2019
will be very high. Buhari should be very careful. There’s a lot of
judases around him. They are only digging his grave for him unknowingly.
He should be very careful.

18 I see a shake in the Government. I see new ministers coming in.

19 The governor of Rivers state will suffer a lot of political persecution but it will not stop what God is about to do.

20 The Lord spoke to me and said what Amaechi was to the ex-president
is what Ayo Fayose will become to President Buhari in this regime. The
same persecution that Amaechi gave the previous Government is the same
persecution Fayose will give Buhari. He should not be underestimated
because I see him making a move that may result in revolution.

21 Rivers and Ekiti state Governors should be very careful. There
will be attempt even over their lives. I don’t know by which party but
that’s what I saw.

22 I see a governor that will narrowly escape death. God will keep
him. Infact, he will have to go to the house of God thanksgiving.

23 APC has served its purpose. In 2017, the party will begin to see
major Cracks and before 2019 there’s a powerful party that will merge
out and will form strong alliance in 2017. It will become solid in 2018.
APC has served it’s purpose. It’s like a piece of paper thrown away
after being used. APC has served its purpose. A new party that will take
Nigeria to the next level will rise up and I don’t know how but I see
this party consisting of members of the ruling party and opposition
party fusing together causing what I call unwanted diffusion that will
lead to a future catastrophe but before it, there is going to be calm on
the nerves of Nigerians. Even the new party that will come in is like
joining petrol and Kerosine together and mixing it up with water.

24 I’m sorry to say this but it is what I Saw. Nigeria will continue
to have old faces ruling this country. They will keep circulating powers
among themselves. The faces we will be seeing won’t be really new. They
will keep changing from one regime to another till 2031.

25. In 2031, I see a face rising up that will take Nigeria to where
we ought to be. He is a true David we should look up to. A strong,
vibrant, intelligent leader and a bridge maker. By this time, 3 major
political fathers who caused change in this generation would have gone
to glory.

26. God said there are some cabals he’s going to call to glory before the true David emerge.

27. I saw a mighty hand sweeping Nigeria. What I saw was a golden
fork sweeping but it took time to gather the dirt. It took sometime that
is the space of time I saw in my vision

28. In 2035, there will be a strong female politician that will rise.
She will become very strong, fearless, confrontational and she will be a
running mate. That’s a vice president position.

29. Between 2039 – 2051, Nigeria will have a female President that will turn the country in another dimension.

30. The tension in 2019 will be worse than 2015 election. We must
pray against military intervention, please let’s pray as it can be

31. We must pray against cancellation of results after election in 2019.
32. I see the seat of an African leader empty because of death.

33. Some politicians are agitating to rule forever. As long as they
are on the seat, there’s nothing anyone can do about it. Hear what God
said about them. He said ‘ Is it not the living that will rule? The dead
body can’t rule.

34. I see thick dark cloud over sokoto. Please pray for sokoto state in 2017.

35. Pray for the aviation industry. I saw thick dark cloud on one of
the airlines. I pray and I cancel such aircraft crash in Jesus name.

36. There will be some cabal in the ruling party that will move the
motion to remove the National chairman of the ruling party. They will
pass vote of no confidence against him. They will cry and criticise him
more. It will be very strong just as it happened in PDP , It will happen
in APC. I see the seat of the national ruling party leader shaking
before the next election.

37. Buhari will do his best to move Nigeria forward but all his best
will be thwarted by the enemies of Nigeria. It is not about Buhari, it
is about some cabals who are enemies of Nigeria. Though we have angels
sitting at the helms of affairs, if this cabal don’t die, Nigeria will
remain in a cage.

38. There will be mass loss of Job most especially in the banking industry. There will be lot of retrenchment.

39. The budget of 2017 will suffer a lot of strong set back in terms
of implementation. It is like the spirit will be willing but the flesh
will be weak

40 I see a particular deputy governor taking over from a governor. I
can’t tell the circumstances that led to this, we should pray.

41 I see a strong terrorist attack in form of chemical weapon against
a country in Europe and especially the attack will be carried out on a
school. I see children dying helplessly. I pray God will deliver and
avert it in Jesus name.

42. There will be strong assassination attack against the pope but
God will deliver him. The pope will try to bring peace between so many
nations that lack peace and he will make major achievements mostly in
his peace agenda.

43 America : I see the new president approaching the helm of affair
with radical apporach. The American-China relationship will go sour. It
will go bitter, cold and that will so much affect a lot of things in
some areas in America. So many dirty deals of the past regime will be
exposed by the current regime.

44. There will be attempt to attack the incoming president of America but God will preserve him.

45 I see some American political elite that will maintain political
division and this will affect the performance of the new president. They
will not share some of his views and as a result of that, the division
will be so strong that it will be evident.

46. The conflict between the USA and China will erupt and it will slow the wheel of progress for both Nations.

47. There will be an alliance between the USA and Russia and the
discussion which will not go down with some political elite and that’s
why I said it will slow the wheel of Progress

48. The new style of the new American president will weaken the
attack of terrorist in some other parts of the world. It will be so
strong and the signal will be so strong and there will be major
breakththrough than the Obama’s regime

INDIA : 49. I see a serious escalating conflict between China and India over the nothern border of Kashmir.

50. There will be a great revival in the Nation of India and 6 major
prophets will rise up in India that will cause major changes in terms of
Christian revival in the nation of India. Christianity in India will
soon be a wide fire catching all over and it will be accepted and move
forward than ever before.

51. I see the government of India having a strong alliance with 3 powerful Nations in 2017. I see it so very strong.

52. I see a train accident that will be averted but some people will
still die. The hazard will not be as intended by the enemies.

53. The political environment in India will be tensed and I see the ruling party holding to power.

CHINA : 54. The economy will be very strong, viable, and it will overtake others economically .

55 China will become a strong threat to world powers mostly of the number one one world powers.

56. Between 2018 and 2021, China will be at the top of the chart because of what God showed me.

57. There are some super powers we have now that are very strong but
will lose the position. Its not as a result of failure but because
there’s a shift taking place in th realm of the spirit.

58. China should pray against plane crash. I avert it in Jesus Name.

GHANA : 59. Alot of past leaders will go to Jail and the new
president will be celebrated for just 6 months and after that he will
become unpopular.

60. Ghana will soon experience the same challenge like Nigeria. What
is happening in Nigeria will be duplicated in Ghana. The new president
will do well but his enemies will be more than his intention. I pray for
God’s speedy intervention.

FRANCE : 61. There will be relative peace from the first quarter of
the year but I still see a co-ordinated attack that will still come
inside the Nation’s capital. I cancel it now!

62. In france the election will be tough and strong because of some
internal rancour. They should pray to sustain their position, because I
see the opposition party pushing the ruling party from the helm of

GAMBIA : 63. There will be strong revolution that will take place. I
see strong military intervention . God says they should pray against

64 There will be a lot of political dramas. It will cause lot of
lives. It will be one that has never be seen. It will become news

ZAMBIA : 65. The economy will still be struggling to pickup. The
president will do all his best to drag it up and I see it having a
steady balance in 2018.

66 : One of the serving ministers should pray to cross to 2018
because I see an attack over his life. God will preserve you in Jesus

67. A lot of people from the opposition party will form alliance and
collapse themselve into the ruling party and will try to give the
incumbent President support.

68. The president should pray over his health. It will be a major
challenge througout his regime but God will still keep him. There’s is
no grace for him to come back after this regime because I see lot of
judas and funny people that will advise him to return back. He shouldn’t
adhere because there is no grace. Have said it before, Zambia president
please watch.

CAMEROUN : 69. The government should watch over the border because I
see the influx of boko haram entering into the country. They should pray
so that Cameroun should not be at the receiving end of what we are
chasing from Nigeria.

70. The crisis between The English and French speaking parts will worsen but God will bring peace.

71 The president of Cameroun should pray for his health. I see him going overseas for an health treatment. I pray God keeps him.

RUSSIA : 72. The Nation of Russia will have good relationship with
USA. Between 2017 – 2018, there will be a relationship Crack between the
Russian president and USA president. It will grow sour and become
strong. It will become the battle of Ego. It will be like a Lion and
Tiger battle.

Russia will wax stronger despite any kind of sanctions

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