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7 Ways To Practice Effective Evangelism

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Hello, everyone i greet you all, all my life i have listened to so many
preaching ,on TV,radio,on the road, through books, etc, dishing out the
gospel. etc.The essence of preaching the good news of Jesus Christ in
the first place, is to bring people to HIM,and many times i have seen
people lacklustre in their approach to preaching the gospel.I believe
and know that if evangelism is done effectively more souls would be won,
and not just won, they would remain in Christ.Here are some ways
evangelism can be done effectively

1. Seeking help from the Holy Spirit : Who else could you ask for better help ,
than from the source, how else could you learn and share information
about a person , if you don’t ask that person for help .Ask the Holy
Spirit for help !!!!, HE is the perfect guide, the perfect Navigator,
the perfect Teacher, the perfect Instructor, the perfect Persuader , HE
can show you ways you never dreamed or taught of.Let the Holy Spirit
lead you !!!

2. Put yourself in Jesus shoes : Jesus Christ
is the love guy himself (don’t get angry i used “guy” , you will know
why soon) , everything he did radiated love , how are you preaching the
gospel ?, are you preaching with scorn ?, are you preaching with hate in
your heart (like Jonah), are you preaching with a judgmental approach,
are you preaching with love ?, remember you are preaching to people who
have gone astray , people who probably live their lives haphazardly ,
preaching without love would only push them away more , how can you
preach love and what is written all over you is anything but love, evangelize with love !!! . Romans 5:8

3. Use the word of God :
What better way to pierce through someones heart than with a “double
edged sword” , the Word of God has this power , has this glory , this
soothing ,calming and at the same time fierce “texture” and touch, the
Word of God has the ability to calm the disturbed and bring to the light
that which is in darkness, it has the ability to give a map to those
who have no direction . Use God’s Word today !!! Psalm 119:105 , Hebrews 4:12

4. Evangelize through your life and daily activities
: Someone once said to me , people don’t read the bible nowadays they
read the life of other Christians, in a way the person was right !!!!(I
am not saying you should replace the word of God and start watching your
pastor like Telemundo *winks* read the Word of God !!!).People
nowadays look at the lives of Christians, they watch carefully and with
great scrutiny , how effective do you think your evangelism would be
when your life does not reflect what you preach !!!!.Live right and by
God’s standard !!.

5. Speak Audibly : This is a part some
people might not like , but its so true, I once saw a man in garment
all he did as he walked down the road was ring a bell(dont get me wrong
that might have been the instruction he was given by the Holy Spirit,
that’s why i added the Holy Spirit as number 1), then i saw another ,
she/he (i cant really remember), was using a megaphone !!!, i was so
close to the person-few meters , but i could still barely hear what the
person was saying !!!!, i am not saying you should shout , but being
audible while talking about Jesus , makes your work more effective.

6. Don’t be too serious and be creative
: There is something about human psychology, when repetitions occur
especially when preaching the gospel even in church ,the human brain has
the tendency to get “bored” and tired.When preaching,add some flare,add
some pepper and salt -meaning do somethings differently, crack some
slight jokes,create colorful illustrations(especially for children)
,smile, why would you be preaching the gospel and “boning” your face
like you just perceived spoiled beans mixed with ice cream *winks* (this
should give you the reason why i used “guy” in number 2-no disrespect
was intended) .The human mind commits things to memory better when they
enjoy what they do, see, or hear.Make evangelism and learning about
Jesus fun !!!NOTE When adding all these “pepper and salt” do it
with moderation and also don’t get carried away , while still having the
Holy Spirit with you to guide you.

7. Use the social media and technology:
I know so many people would not like this , saying *in a grumpy old
mans voice” was there Facebook in Jesus time ?,when we were young we
trek from Zamfara to Lagos to preach the Gospel, why should we be using,
Facebook to preach the gospel” . Let me ask you this , were cars
available in Jesus times too?, why don’t you just trek to church then  Seriously now, using the social media and technology to evangelize would help and it should not be used as a primary center for evangelism , it should be used as a supportive medium and trust me its quite effective .

: Follow up is key when evangelizing , try to check up on those you
evangelize to as much as you can , a call or text would suffice

in all the most important is number one , if utilized properly , HE can
show you ways you never imagined to evangelize effectively,Have you
asked and prayed to God to show you better and effective ways to
evangelize, ask HIM today !!!.

you have not given your life to Christ , or you have fallen astray, or
you want to recommit yourself to HIM, you find yourself doing things you
dont want to do, you find yourself doing things against HIS will, you
find your self in a deep abyss of confusions and utter dismay,its never
too late , Jesus Christ is a sure guy, HE will never leave you nor
forsake you, HE is here for you TODAY !!!,HE loves you, and wants the
best for you, why not join HIM in this walk TODAY, tomorrow might be too
late , HE might come when you are watching Barca vs Madrid, i am sure
you don’t want to suffer after a watching a wonderful match , all HE
wants for you is total and eternal Happiness , both in this world and
the next,all HE wants for you is the best !!!!,why not surrender to HIM
today so you can enjoy endlessly from the National Cake of Heaven
without being probed.Bow your head wherever you are an say this short
prayer :

O LORD JESUS, here i am , i need you, i want you, even
in my life this day, i know and accept that you are the Son of God and
you shed your Blood out of Love for my sake , at your feet i bow , at
your feet i lay it all !!!,have mercy on me dear Lord . I accept you as
my Lord and Savior this day.Thank YOU Jesus.

If you have just
prayed that prayer, you have sent Jesus a friend request and HE has
accepted with all HIS heart , you need a Bible, The Holy Spirit , a
Bible believing church that preaches Gods word , straight from the
bakery, (The Bible),.GOD BLESS YOU and give us all the grace to stand firm in HIM .Amen.

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